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Latest podcasts

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 25th October...

Article | Podcasts | 25/10/2021

Weaker industrial production data from the US and China reflected supply chain disruption, while US inflation forecasts crept higher. We review expectations for the COP26, or UN Climate Change Conference, which begins this week.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 18th October...

Article | Podcasts | 18/10/2021

US equity markets were boosted by strong Q3 earnings reports from major banks, in spite of indications of ‘stagflation’ (slowing growth and rising inflation) from various macroeconomic sources. 

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 11th October...

Article | Podcasts | 11/10/2021

US employment data dominated the agenda, eventually falling short of forecasts and prompting questions over the US Federal Reserve’s tapering plans.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 4th October...

Article | Podcasts | 04/10/2021

Financial markets closed out September in downbeat mood, troubled by fears of stagflation (declining growth and rising inflation) and persistent uncertainty as to the future of Chinese property giant Evergrande. 

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 27th September...

Article | Podcasts | 27/09/2021

Financial markets were in ‘wait and see’ mode, drifting lower on downbeat data and lack of positive stimulus.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 20th September...

Article | Podcasts | 20/09/2021

Financial markets were in ‘wait and see’ mode, drifting lower on downbeat data and lack of positive stimulus.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 6th September...

Article | Podcasts | 06/09/2021

On the radar this week, Chinese data should give further insight into the Chinese economy, and the European Central Bank will provide its latest interest rate decision.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 23rd August...

Article | Podcasts | 23/08/2021

Equity markets were rattled by fears of diminishing central bank support and increasing regulatory pressure, while bond markets remained calm. This week brings the Jackson Hole Symposium, where the world’s central bankers will discuss the continuing pathway out of the global pandemic.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 19th July...

Article | Podcasts | 19/07/2021

US Treasury markets reacted calmly, as the June CPI inflation data beat expectations to reach a thirteen year high.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 12th July...

Article | Podcasts | 12/07/2021

Government bonds rallied and yields fell sharply, as the reflation trade lost steam and markets sensed the peak in GDP growth acceleration. 

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 5th July 2021

Article | Podcasts | 05/07/2021

This week, minutes from the US Federal Reserve’s June meeting could shed light on prospects for QE tapering plans, as well as interest rate hikes next year.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 21st June...

Article | Podcasts | 21/06/2021

Markets were hit with a wave of volatility in response to the US Federal Reserve (Fed) signalling a quicker path to higher interest rates to counter inflation earlier than previously anticipated.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 7th June 2021

Article | Podcasts | 07/06/2021

US employment numbers were the focus of financial markets, falling short of consensus forecasts, while agricultural commodity prices soared. 

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Tuesday 1st June...

Article | Podcasts | 01/06/2021

The scale of President Biden’s $6 trillion budget plans impressed the markets. US Federal Reserve members addressed the ‘talking about tapering’ issue, nonetheless failing to lift the US dollar, which hit a three year low against China’s renminbi.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 24th May 2021

Article | Podcasts | 24/05/2021

Bond markets took the latest Federal Reserve commentary in their stride, while equity market volatility jumped on fears of ‘crypto-contagion’.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 17th May 2021

Article | Podcasts | 17/05/2021

This week should bring further confirmation of the global rebound in economic activity, as well as more insight into the US Federal Reserve’s claims of ‘transitory’ inflation pressures. 

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 10th May 2021

Article | Podcasts | 10/05/2021

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen rattled both bond and equity markets globally with comments about interest rate hikes, before offering reassuring words on inflation.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 26th April...

Article | Podcasts | 27/04/2021

US quarterly earnings largely beat expectations, although any shortfalls, such as Netflix new subscriber numbers, were swiftly punished by the markets.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 19th April...

Article | Podcasts | 19/04/2021

US equity markets made new record highs, spurred on by strong consumer spending, while the post-pandemic bounce saw China’s GDP growth rate hit record levels. This week brings a raft of quarterly earnings from major US companies, such as Johnson & Johnson and Netflix.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 12th April...

Article | Podcasts | 12/04/2021

Equities rallied as government bond markets were reassured by the US Federal Reserve, with the tech heavy Nasdaq index at the forefront of gains. This week the focus will be on US inflation and retail sales data, as well as the expected rebound in China’s GDP after the pandemic-struck first quarter of 2020.


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