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Latest podcasts

Panel podcast - Has inflation peaked?

Article | Podcasts | 07/09/2022

Economic forecasts predict inflation peaking over the summer months in major economies, before falling back towards the end of the year. While food and energy prices continue to soar and headline inflation levels ratchet ever higher, it can be hard to see what would cause inflation and indeed interest rates to pivot downwards.

Panel podcast - China pulls ahead?

Article | Podcasts | 21/07/2022

We examine these diverging East/West trends and look at how they could play out across different asset classes. We also focus on recent adjustments to our tactical asset allocation.

Markets turn defensive

Article | Podcasts | 17/05/2022

Uncertainties surround financial markets at every turn. Whether from the Ukraine crisis, a slowdown in China or more aggressive central bank policy. And as inflation soars and growth slows, the risk of contagion is rising.

Stagflation risks are rising

Article | Podcasts | 19/04/2022

As the year began, the world’s economies had a plan: normalise policy, head off inflation and allow growth to continue to recover. Then came the dual shock of war in Ukraine and soaring food and energy prices. 

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 7th March...

Article | Podcasts | 07/03/2022

Safe havens saw sustained buying interest, as commodity prices were pushed higher by Russia’s action in Ukraine. The ECB meeting this week could change policy expectations, in the light of events on Europe’s eastern borders.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 28th February...

Article | Podcasts | 28/02/2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine caused volatility to spike to two year highs in risk markets, while safe haven assets such as gold and US Treasury bonds were in demand. This week the impact of global sanctions on Russia will be closely monitored, while on the macro front we expect a further strong advance in US non-farm payroll data.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 21st February...

Article | Podcasts | 21/02/2022

As tensions remained high on the Ukrainian border, equity markets fell for a second consecutive week, while government bonds and the oil price steadied somewhat. This week brings CPI inflation data from Europe, as well as the Federal Reserve’s preferred target PCE inflation data in the US.

Is a 'Goldilocks outlook' still possible for...

Article | Podcasts | 15/02/2022

Market volatility has returned, driven by swiftly rising inflation and sharply tighter central bank outlooks. Have we have passed the point of no return for a Goldilocks outlook for 2022, with major economies ‘not too hot and not too cold’ by year end?

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 14th February...

Article | Podcasts | 14/02/2022

Markets were roiled once again by geopolitical tensions and inflation fears, as the price of oil touched seven year highs. This week brings further inflation data from around the globe.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 7th February...

Article | Podcasts | 07/02/2022

Markets were volatile once again, as uncertainty over the pace of interest rate rises combined with earnings shocks from the US tech sector. This week brings CPI inflation data from the US, as well as earnings reports from major consumer goods companies.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 31st January...

Article | Podcasts | 31/01/2022

Equity markets were rattled, as forecasts climbed to five Fed rate hikes for this year, before rallying on Friday. This week will culminate in US unemployment data, with no change expected from December’s 3.9%.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 24th January...

Article | Podcasts | 24/01/2022

Markets experienced growing volatility on fears of rising interest rates, as the Nasdaq briefly hit correction territory. This week’s Federal Reserve meeting will be closely analysed for clues as to monetary policy for this year.

Panel podcast - The challenges of fading...

Article | Podcasts | 18/01/2022

Inflation has hit multi decade highs, but is forecast to fall sharply this year. Will that fall be steady or bumpy? And how will central banks adjust their policy while keeping markets calm? 

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 17th January...

Article | Podcasts | 17/01/2022

Financial markets struggled to find direction, as major data points on inflation, GDP and trade came in. This week the US banks’ sector will continue to kick off the Q4 reporting season.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 10th January...

Article | Podcasts | 10/01/2022

Equity markets took fright at the more hawkish tone of the US Federal Reserve’s December minutes. Bond yields rose, and prices fell, in anticipation of a faster pace of interest rate hikes. This week the focus will switch to inflation data from the world’s major economies.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 13th December...

Article | Podcasts | 13/12/2021

Equity markets hit new peaks, despite strong inflation data in the US and China, as expert opinion provided reassurance on the Omicron variant. This week central bank meetings will be in focus and the US Federal Reserve’s press conference will be closely analysed for a change in rhetoric on interest rate policy.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Tuesday 7th December...

Article | Podcasts | 07/12/2021

Equity markets were rattled by fears of lower growth and ever higher prices, due to the new Omicron variant of Covid-19, while government bond markets proved a safe haven. This week all eyes will be on US CPI inflation data, as well as developments in the spread of the Omicron variant.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 29th November...

Article | Podcasts | 29/11/2021

Financial markets were rocked by reports of the new Omicron variant of Covid-19, with the oil price under particular pressure, and safe haven assets much in demand. In the week ahead, markets will look for further clarity on the Omicron variant, as well as stable PMIs and US unemployment data for November.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 22nd November...

Article | Podcasts | 22/11/2021

Developed market equities advanced, boosted by strong earnings and some speculation of rising interest rates, while emerging markets hit a bumpy patch. This week brings Flash PMI data from across the globe, which could show widespread declines in the Services sector reading, despite strong Manufacturing indicators.

Archinomics Weekly Podcast - Monday 15th November...

Article | Podcasts | 15/11/2021

Headlines were dominated by sharp jumps in inflation around the world, as well as the COP26 climate change summit, where an agreement was reached on limiting greenhouse gas emissions. This week President Biden’s Infrastructure bill will be signed into law and further data releases could indicate persistent inflationary pressures.

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