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President Trump has banned Chinese firms TikTok and WeChat from the US, claiming they represent a threat to economic and national security.

The monthly review: August's top stories

Joe Biden was confirmed as the Democratic Party nominee to run against Donald Trump in November’s election.  If he were to win, by the time of his inauguration he would be the oldest president in US history. 

Does investing sustainably mean sacrificing...

In the past, there has been a common perception that investing sustainably, or in other words, investing in companies contributing to a sustainable future means sacrificing returns. 

The monthly review: July's top stories

Tesla became the world’s biggest car manufacturer by value, taking pole position from Toyota. Despite the fact that Tesla produced only 360,000 vehicles last year, compared to almost 9 million for the Japanese giant. 



Covid-19 looks set to leave a trail of economic damage that will outlive the spread of the virus. Government and central bank stimulus on a huge scale has led to a dramatic rise in debt levels. Taxes look set to rise to pay off this debt. 

The monthly review: June's top stories

Lockdowns have been lifted, bringing early signs of recovery. Retail sales have rebounded in many parts of the globe, with a jump of almost 18% in the US. 

Green bonds - what's the big story?


It’s an asset class that might seem a bit marginal and more than a little mysterious. But since the first AAA-rated ‘green bond’ was launched by the World Bank in 2007, the market has grown enormously. 

Global supply chains - what's the big story?


As economies, battered by the Covid-19 pandemic, dust themselves down and prepare to start again, we hear a good deal about disruption to global supply chains.

The monthly review: May's top stories

Markets rebounded sharply after the tumbles of March, hoping for a V-shaped economic recovery. Confidence has faltered somewhat in recent weeks and momentum has slowed. 

The monthly review: April's top stories

The Covid-19 crisis has brought rare examples of good news as well as bad. While the IMF (International Monetary Fund) made savage cuts to estimates for global growth, they also forgave debts of $214 billion owed by the world’s poorest countries. 

Home working - what's the big story?


Restrictions on the Chinese city of Wuhan were lifted, but entire countries across the globe remain in lockdown. 

Covid-19 – why you shouldn’t panic

The spread of covid-19 has left many people concerned about their investments, as stock markets have fallen and an economic slowdown becomes increasingly evident. In our new PDF we review the economic and stock market impact of covid-19 so far. 

Negative interest rates - what's the big story?


When economic crisis strikes, central banks will cut their interest rates. The aim is to boost liquidity in the financial system and stimulate future growth.

Architas launches new business in Asia

Architas launches its new Hong Kong based business, Architas Asia Limited. The company has been granted a license to operate as an asset management company by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (“SFC”) as of 6th April 2020.

The monthly review: March's top stories

Financial markets whipsawed, as they weighed the negative impact of Covid-19 against massive stimulus packages aimed at supporting economies around the world. 

The monthly review: February's top stories

FEBRUARY: What happened? Here we take a quicklook at the markets.

Coronavirus and the ripple effect


It is known as an ‘exogenous shock’, an event not predicted by forecasting models which has far-reaching effects. 

The monthly review: January's top stories

JANUARY: What happened? Here we take a quicklook at the markets.

Fiscal Stimulus - What's the big story?


Interest rates tumbled in the years following the Great Financial Crisis, as central banks attempted to kick-start economic growth. But has that game now played out? 

The Monthly Review December's top stories...

DECEMBER: What happened? Here we take a quicklook at the markets.



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