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Latest insights

Archinomics Monthly - February 2023

Article | Investments | 06/03/2023

Tensions between the US and China rose after the US shot down a balloon, which it alleged that China was using for the purposes of espionage. The US also warned China against supplying Russia with weapons, saying it could risk escalating the war in Ukraine.

Archinomics Monthly - January 2023

Article | Investments | 06/02/2023

The headline rate of inflation continued to fall across most economies. US consumer prices rose at an annual rate of 6.5% for December, the lowest rate since October 2021, while headline eurozone inflation eased to 9.2% compared to a peak of 10.6% in October 2022. 

Archinomics Monthly - December 2022

Article | Investments | 09/01/2023

China pivoted away from its zero-Covid policy, with the authorities refocusing on consumption and industries such as technology and property. Infection levels surged as testing and quarantine requirements were removed.

Archinomics Monthly - November 2022

Article | Investments | 05/12/2022

China might be easing its strict zero-Covid policy, following a month of widespread protests and a sharp slowdown in economic activity. Despite record high infection levels, there appears to have been a shift in emphasis recently.

Archinomics Monthly - October 2022

Article | Investments | 04/11/2022

The International Monetary Fund issued a stark warning over the health of the global economy, saying it saw rising risks of a recession in 2023. Hopes rose that the deteriorating economic outlook might cause central banks to be less aggressive in raising rates to smother inflation.

Archinomics Monthly - September 2022

Article | Investments | 06/10/2022

In the UK, the new government, headed by former Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, froze energy costs and announced the largest tax cuts in 50 years in an attempt to stimulate growth. The spending was unfunded, causing the Bank of England to intervene as the British pound and UK bond prices tumbled amid fears of unsustainable levels of UK borrowing.

Responsible spotlight - September 2022

Article | ESG | 29/09/2022

Cryptocurrencies have not had the best environmental track record and it’s easy to understand why. The primary argument for crypto not being ESG-friendly stems from the processing power required to mine the cryptocurrency and complete transactions in it.

Archinomics Monthly - August 2022

Article | Investments | 05/09/2022

China struggled to contain broad-based Covid outbreaks, as it stuck to its strict zero-Covid policy. The People’s Bank of China cut borrowing costs as economic data revealed that growth remains weak in the face of sporadic lockdowns, the ongoing property crisis and a severe drought which has led to power cuts.

Archinomics Monthly - July 2022

Article | Investments | 05/08/2022

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates by 75 basis points for the second time in two months, taking them to a range of 2.25% to 2.5% - a level that is considered to be ‘neutral’ for the economy.

Archinomics Monthly - June 2022

Article | Investments | 04/07/2022

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) raised interest rates by 75 basis points in June, its largest single increase since 1994, and indicated that another substantial rate hike would likely be needed in July.

Archinomics Monthly - May 2022

Article | Investments | 07/06/2022

The European Central Bank (ECB) came under rising pressure to exit the negative interest rate policy it has held since 2014, with the first rate rise expected as early as July.

Archinomics Monthly - April 2022

Article | Investments | 05/05/2022

In China, the lockdown in Shanghai entered a second month and fears grew that Beijing could also be placed into lockdown. China’s zero-Covid policy could mean further supply chain disruption and might threaten the country’s 5.5% growth target for 2022.

Archinomics Monthly - March 2022

Article | Investments | 06/04/2022

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine entered its second month. Russia, which has failed to take Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, says it will now focus on the contested Donbas region.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 7th March 2022

Article | Investments | 07/03/2022

European leaders looked to move rapidly to wean their economies off Russian gas, turning their focus to renewable energy sources, as the International Energy Agency urged the EU not to sign new supply agreements.

Archinomics Monthly - February 2022

Article | Investments | 04/03/2022

Russia invaded Ukraine, causing shock waves around the world. Major economies responded with sweeping sanctions, including preventing Russia’s central bank from using its reserves and banning certain Russian lenders from the global payments system Swift. 

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 28th February 2022

Article | Investments | 28/02/2022

Global sanctions were imposed on the Central Bank of Russia, freezing $630 billion of foreign currency reserves and sending the rouble into freefall.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 21st February 2022

Article | Investments | 21/02/2022

Following recent trends on US executive pay, an element of the $20 million remuneration of Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson was in reward for reductions in methane emissions and the use of plastic straws.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 14th February 2022

Article | Investments | 14/02/2022

The oil price touched a seven year high of almost $95 per barrel, as geopolitical tensions mounted. Gold proved a safe haven, rising 2.8% on the week.

Archinomics Weekly - Monday 7th February 2022

Article | Investments | 07/02/2022

Fed Chair Jerome Powell promised to be ‘nimble’ in the face of higher inflation, prompting forecasts of five interest rate hikes for this year.

Archinomics Monthly - January 2022

Article | Investments | 04/02/2022

Apple became the first company to reach a $3 trillion valuation, before falling back with the tech sector. 


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